Breakfast. Our guests compliment so many things about Round Top Inn and what seems to get the most love is our breakfast. Like this from a Trip Advisor review last week:

“If you stay, you will be delightfully surprised by the gourmet breakfast that is made fresh for you every day. It is Farm to Table style and not one bit a typical hotel continental style meal. Kudos to the chef!”

The chef who most often creates our menus and then shops, preps and prepares our famous breakfasts is Jannell Mohar. To get the secret recipe behind her amazing morning meals, we sat down with Jannell for a quick Q&A.

Q: Tell us about what’s on the menus.

A: We make a lot of egg dishes: Frittatas, our quiche where the ‘crust’ is Parmesan cheese, our Mexican casserole… We offer lots of fresh fruit always. And then we add something sweet like our monkey bread or pancakes or homemade fruit turnovers.

IMG_3600 IMG_2792

Q: Which breakfast dish do you most enjoy preparing?

A: (without any hesitation) The French Toast! We use a recipe that’s been passed down from owner to owner of Round Top Inn, but I add my own little spin. Orange juice. It gives a citrus flavor and sweetness without adding sugar. And we bake it – we’re always trying to make our dishes both healthy and indulgent. 

Q: What’s the morning mood in the Dining Room?

A: Oh happy, friendly, lots of talking. And everyone needs coffee first thing. We try to pamper everyone and make them feel at home with friendly service and a real homemade quality breakfast.

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 Q: How do you accommodate guests with special dietary requests?

A: We’re happy to make anything gluten free, or cheese free, or anything really. It’s best if we can have notice ahead of time, but I can always scramble eggs or find something that will work for them.

Q: Do the menus vary by season?

A: Yes, we use more pears in the fall and winter, for example. And we have our own garden, so in the summer we’ll use our homegrown tomatoes and cilantro and herbs.

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Q: Anything you’re hoping to add to the menu?

Of course! I love looking through our cookbook library and testing new dishes. I just had my first test run for a new Blueberry Coffee Cake recipe from the Pioneer Woman. It turned out really good. And we’re going to see how we do with one of Deb’s family recipes, Tomatoes, Kalamatas and Fried Eggs with Crusty Bread.

 Q: What’s the best compliment for you?

A: When someone who says they don’t eat breakfast cleans their plate!