Our Segar House is one of our most prized spaces – and not just because we’ve transformed it into a fabulous man cave hang out spot for guests to enjoy an afternoon of football games, gather the family to play charades, sip a quiet cup of coffee at dawn or watch the sun set from the porch.

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We’re proud because the house is a bit of Round Top history, built way back in the 1880’s as a one-room cigar factory. The road-side sign read “Segars and Tobaccos” which seemed like an interesting way to spell things, so we’ve kept it. Inside, workers made the cigars by hand and then climbed an exterior ladder to sleep in the loft upstairs. We’ve transformed that sleeping space as well; today guests climb a set of stairs to their loft like room in the treetops.

Loft Bed No Drapes Haylei Smith

Haylei Smith

Thanks to several local collectors and preservationists we’ve been able to build quite a collection of the factory’s labels, bookkeeping pages, cigar boxes and even an original cigar cutter. If you’re intrigued by history or tobacco or interior design remodels, stop on in to see us and we’ll be happy to show you our piece of Round Top’s pioneering past.

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